Promoting one good read after another.

Promoting one good read after another.

Good Girl Gone Plaid


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$2.99 Kindle or eBook

Good Girl, Gone Plaid is a coming of age novel that follows the shenanigans of a young Catholic school girl, Riley Patton, who ensures that humor and wit drive her daily desire to do what is good. Unfortunately, Riley continues to find herself in constant trouble with the nuns who preside over the school. Riley finds relief in tomboy adventures such as poaching frogs and skinning fish, and writing in her plaid/sad/mad/glad Father God and Mother Mary Journal.

As a 7th grader, trouble follows Riley at home as well where she negotiates her way through the battles that belie a big middle class Catholic family of seven, which includes her four siblings.

Riley is a sensitive young girl who is both brave and curious, to her own detriment at times. Whether it’s befriending a classmate who was picked on for the color of his skin or standing up for “girl power,” Riley fights for the causes she believes to be true and fair and her self-confidence is won only

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