Promoting one good read after another.

Promoting one good read after another.

Love at First Flight: Adventures, Exploits, Sacrifices, Risks & Rewards


By Captain W. Stewart (Bud) Orr USN (Ret.) & Fran E. Orr

Product Description

Captain Bud Orr was a naval aviator flying jets off aircraft carriers. But despite the adrenalin rushes from the roar of engines, catapult shots off the flight deck, and tailhooking landings back on the carrier, he was searching for that illusive something that would make him feel whole. But during deployments, his personal life had been tossed by the winds of fate, disrupted by divorce and long separations from his young son.

While on leave, Bud met Fran, the woman worth pursuing. At first, she seemed his polar opposite, a union unlikely. But chemistry between them prevailed. Their courtship was climaxed with a wedding aboard the USS Enterprise in the Philipinnes. Love at First Flight is an exciting exposition into an unlikely romance between a dashing Navy pilot and his attractive bride to be. Readers will enjoy the ride accelerating from zero to one hundred fifty miles an hour in two and a half seconds.