Promoting one good read after another.

Promoting one good read after another.

Waiting In The Wings


By Jeanette Vaughan

Product Description

Find out what happens to that baby! WAITING IN THE WINGS wraps up the FLYING SOLO series and answers all of your questions. Exploration one woman’s journey through the world of adoption.

Back cover text:  Honor, courage, commitment. 

…a naval aviator’s ideals.   As an adopted child, Jana Sears grew up believing them.   Searching her face in the mirror, she wondered.   Where did she come from?  What was her true heritage?   Was she truly part of the Deep South and her mother’s roots?   She was born in Texas?   Did her birthmother live here?  They were questions that had haunted her for thirty years.

Terrified to open Pandora’s box, but determined to find closure, Jana bravely delves into her past.   She is stunned to find out that both her birth parents were pilots.    But what kind of courage and honor was there in giving a new born baby away?   Certainly not commitment.   Sometimes, the choices we make in our lives have devastating consequences.   Soar through this journey of love and loss, hope and fear, joy and pain as Jana navigates the secrets of her past to make peace with the turbulent present.   Were the answers simply Waiting in the Wings?

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